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EMS (Brilliant Minds Exam)

Brilliant Minds Exam is conducted by EMS & This is a group of SWEN Foundation, INDIA. It is an innovative...

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Our mission is to help individuals succeed and achieve goals in every aspect of their lives be it life skills, work skills, interpersonal skills, professional goals, business goals or language proficiency.
Our clients are from all walks of life such as students, professionals and business owners. We strive to help them achieve individual, professional and organizational goals and objectives.

Do you want to Speak Fluent English.??


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Swen Foundation, Nashik Team

Reggie Zeller

Founder CEO

Shelly Daniel

Senior Engineer

Amado Harness


Jamie Radford

Construction Manager


What Our Clients Say

Our goal is to nurture your dreams and to provide the skill sets necessary to transforms those dreams into realty.

Hitendra kotkar CEO @ Swen Foundation

It is direction to dreams, dignity and destiny.

Adv.Suchita Bahalkar Lawyer @ Nashik

It helps you enhance your full potential; sharpen your talents and skills to bring out the best in you.

Vrunda Kotkar Examination Officer @ Nashik

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